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What is it like to have a pair of beautiful glasses made by oneself?

Glasses(MAGIC CAT 3D printing pen's stencil)

Eye is the window of one's soul. It is self-evident that the importance of eyeglasses to one's mind. Eyeglasses have the function of improving eyesight, protecting eyes, and can also be used as decoration. There are many kinds of glasses, and they look very much. The most common ones are myopia glasses, presbyopic glasses and sunglasses. Let's make a pair of simple decorative glasses by ourselves.


Magic Cat 3D Printing Pen -- Glassessupply

Magic Cat 3D Printing Pen

1.75 mm PCL consumables

Glass template (you can also choose other glasses template you like)


  1. First download the model template you want to make. If necessary, you can use the printer to set the scaling template.
  2. Start heating your 3D printer pen and start it when it reaches the appropriate temperature.
  3. Fill the shape and quantity of the eyeglasses template along the outer edge.
  4. After the required glasses plate is painted, we should wait for the surface of the template to dry before removing it to avoid affecting the overall beauty.
  5. Note that if you want glasses to be able to wear, you need to make glasses have a certain thickness. Try to draw one more layer to make it more three-dimensional.