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What a beautiful house.

House(MAGIC-CAT 3D pringting pen's stencil)

If you're an architecture enthusiast, Magic Cat 3D printer pen can help you create 3D miniature buildings!  

Because there are many different buildings, we will give you a basic house template, you can adjust the size of the house, height, shape, color match to make your favorite house. 

Magic Cat 3D printing pen -- House -- 01


Magic Cat 3D Printing Pen

1.75 mm PCL consumables

Photos of your house or your favorite house for reference  





Magic Cat 3D printing pen -- House -- 02
  1. download the template of the house project. If necessary, you can use the printer to set the scaling template.
  2. Start heating your 3D pen. Start the pen when it reaches the appropriate temperature.   
  3. Draw and fill along the shape and quantity of the house template along the outer edge, and draw the parts needed to make the house.
  4. Cutting out the plate completely will not affect the overall beauty.
  5. When the first floor roof and the second floor roof are connected, more consumables should be applied to the solid model, and the bottom frame of the roof should be connected around the edge of the roof.
  6. The two sides of the roof should be properly connected so that it can be well joined to the bottom.