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Make a Colorful Windmill under the Sky.

Windmill(Magic Cat 3D printing pen's stencil)

Windmills often appear in fairy tales, with peaceful and beautiful meanings, so the Netherlands, which has many windmills and is known as the "kingdom of windmills", is also known as the kingdom of fairy tales. Windmill used to be a very efficient tool, with the help of wind power to complete a lot of projects that can not be completed by human resources. Now there is no need for windmills to do this work, because we have more modern and more efficient tools, but wind power as a clean energy is now highly respected in the world, so in many broad areas, we can see more modern windmills.

Today, let's make a windmill in a fairy tale.

Magic Cat 3D Printing Pen -- Windmill -- 01


Magic Cat 3D Printer Pen

1.75 mm PCL consumables

Windmill template (you can also choose other windmill template you like)




Magic Cat 3D Printing Pen -- Windmill -- 02

  1. First download the model template you want to make. If necessary, you can use the printer to set the scaling template.
  2. Start heating your 3D printer pen and start it when it reaches the appropriate temperature.
  3. Drawing and filling the shape and quantity of windmill template along the outer edge.
  4. After the required windmill plate is painted, the surface of the template should be dry before it is removed to avoid affecting the overall beauty.
  5. Attention should be paid to drawing more small squares to raise the base where the fan blades are fixed.
  6. Only one wall with a door is needed. The other three walls do not need to leave the door.
  7. Assemble the plates according to the shape of the windmill with a 3D printing pen.