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Let's fly into the sky by Airplane.

Let's fly into the sky by Airplane.

Airplane refers to an airplane with one or more engine power devices to generate forward thrust or pull, which generates lift from the fixed wing of the fuselage and is heavier than air in the atmosphere. Airplane is one of the most important inventions in the early 20th century. It is recognized that it was invented by American Wright brothers. Their flight on December 17, 1903 was recognized by the International Federation of Aviation (FAI) as "the first controlled sustained power flight by an airplane heavier than air", and in the same year they founded Wright airplane Company. Since the invention of airplane, airplane has increasingly become an indispensable tool of modern civilization. It has profoundly changed and influenced people's lives, and opened the history of people conquering the blue sky.

Perhaps everyone dreamed of flying into the sky with two wings when he was a child. Now flying dream is no longer a dream. Since you can't have a pair of wings, you can have your own small "airplane"! Make the plane you want according to the shape of the plane you like.



Magic Cat 3D Printing Pen -- Airplane


Magic Cat 3D Printing Pen

1.75 mm PCL consumables

Your favorite airplane photos for reference


  1. Download the airplane project template. If necessary, you can use the printer to set the scaling template.
  2. Heat your 3D pen and start when it reaches the appropriate temperature.  
  3. Fill in the shape and quantity of the airplane template along the outline of the outer edge.
  4. The fuselage pattern on the template is symmetrical. When drawing the outline of the outer frame, we should pay attention to the fuselage size.  
  5. The landing gear also needs to be consistent in order to ensure the balance of standing.   
  6. Draw a cross-shaped wing
  7. Then remove all the required airplane plates from the template.
  8. Stick the fuselage and landing gear together and place them on the plane to see if they can stand steadily and levelly.
  9. Finally glue the wing and tail together.