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How about being a happy SpongeBob?

SpongeBob(MAGIC-CAT 3D pringting pen's stencil)

If you are a big fan of SpongeBob and want to own your own SpongeBob, Magic Cat 3D Printer Pen can help you make 3D SpongeBob!

Magic Cat 3D Printing Pen -- SpongeBob -- 01


Magic Cat 3D Printing Pen

1.75 mm PCL consumables    

SpongeBob Photos for Reference





Magic Cat 3D Printing Pen -- SpongeBob -- 02

  1. Download the SpongeBob template. If necessary, you can use the printer to set the scaling template.
  2. Start heating your 3D pen. When it reaches the appropriate temperature, start the pen.
  3. Drawing along the outer edge of the sponge baby's trunk can also leave small holes in it, but it is necessary to carefully draw facial expressions and its pants and shirts.
  4. Draw its legs on the template. When drawing shoes, we can repeatedly coil the leather toes, so that the painted shoes will be more stereoscopic.  Fix its body and arm together and fill the gap along the edge of the joint.  
  5. Draw its two stick-like legs glued to the trouser legs.
  6. Increase the size and stability of the shoes to ensure that the sponge baby can stand firm.