MAGIC CAT 3D pens are all with best motor and warm nozzle. Discharge temperature lower to around 50℃,  draw anywhere freely. Safe for kids.


3D printing pens  are made with best materials.The filaments are all odorless, smokeless, non-toxic, non-irritating and 100% derived from plants.


MAGIC CAT supply more than 30 colors filaments and hundreds of stencils. Take your ideas to greater heights ! Make you love to create !

Best Design

The MAGIC CAT printer pens are great ergonomic and lightwieght design, It's easy on hand. The filaments are packed well. Confidence with best quality !


Hear What Our Customers Have To Say about MAGIC CAT!

I really enjoyed making a napkin holder using this 3d pen. My children and I always have a contest to see who can make the most creative object and mine won. It's so easy to use that my five years old son can use it with no issues. I love the different colors of the filaments and love how the company's customer service is. Definitely will buy more:)

Bought this for my 13yr old daughter and she loves it. She has acreative mind and has already been hard at work. The amount of string or refill material you get with this pen is great, but we also ordered a refill package as well. She hasn't even touched the refill package yet. It works great, it s a good size, does write like a pen. It is a good gift idea, something fun and different.

I've owned this for a few months now and it save me hundreds in repairs it lets me make plastic rivets plastic nuts as well as lots of cool craft ideas very easy to use I have yet to have it clog up. Definitely the best money I’ve spent recently. It has let me connect rubber mats together with plastic rivets I love it love it love it !!!!! Keep in mind it’s not going to make CNC quality items and in order to print things that look good you will need some kind of forms And even then it’s going to require a bunch of sanding.